Pågående doktorgradsprosjekter

Pågående doktorgradsprosjekter ved Lovisenberg Diakonale Sykehus:

  1. Health professional's perceived cultural competency and patients' experiences thereof and culture specific needs.
    Med. - Alpers, Lise-Merete lima@lds.no
  2. Alcoholic Bowel Syndrome (ABS) and changes in microflora in chronical alcoholism.
    Med. - Steinar T. Bjørkhaug. 
  3. Referral assessment and priority-setting for specialized mental health care services: risk-adjustment, interrater reliability, priority-setting predictors and predictive validity.
    Adm. - Holman, Per Arne paho@lds.no , p.a.holman@medisin.uio.no
  4. Colorectal malignancy in patients with ulcerative colitis.
    Med. - Klepp-Larsson, Catherine Pasquale capk@lds.no
  5. Personlighetsvariabler hos ungdom.
    NWI - Korsgaard, Hans Ole hako@lds.no
  6. Smerter og helserelatert livskvalitet.
    Kir. - Lindberg, Maren Falch mfli@lds.no
  7. Inflammation and acute pain. A clinical and laboratory study of the biochemistry of pain. Kjell Torp-Joakimsen.
  8. Navigasjonsstudie- Profix knestudie.
    Kir. - Petursson, Gunnar gupe@lds.no
  9. Ectodermal dysplasia and Oligodontia: Evaluation of clinical parameters, treatment and quality of life. An interdisiplinary approach.
    TAKO - Saltnes, Solfrid Sørgjerd soss@lds.no
  10. Behandling av øvre labrumskade i skulder; en prospektiv, randomisert studie.
    Kir. - Schrøder, Cecilie ces@lds.no
  11. Acute inflammation and pain. Clinical studies of acute postoperative pain and correlation with local inflammation.
    Kir. - Solheim, Nina niso@lds.no
  12. Patofysiologien bak matintoleranse.
    Kir. - Undseth, Ragnhild raun@lds.no
  13. Kan psykoterapi redusere sykefravær?
    LDPS - Victor, Mattias vicm@lds.no
  14. Relational Aspects in Treatment of suicidal Patients.
    Psyk. - Østlie, Kristin kros@lds.no
  15. Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. Postop. rehab., clin. outcome and and radiological res.
    Kir. - Kjersti Kaul Jensen kjkj@lds.no
  16. Pain, Physical functioning, Health Related Quality of Life and Treatment Preferences and Satisfaction in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
    Med. - Anita Tollisen Anita.Tollisen@lds.no
  17. Understanding individual differnces of self-harming behaviour in adolescence.
    LDPS - Line Stänicke Line.Stanicke@lds.no
  18. A multi-method public mental health study of eritrean female refugees in Norway.
    Psyk. - Ruth Abraham Ruth.Abraham@lds.no   
  19. The Role of the nose in snoring and sleep apnoea.
    Kir. - Hans Christian Hoel / HansChristian.Hoel@lds.no